JUDAS – Interview: Club CloseUp 29/1/16

We caught up with London-based four-piece Judas before what was a special show for them at The Barfly in Camden. The band have navigated the gig circuit impressively and 2016 looks set to belong to them. Here’s what the band had to say when we discussed everything from Harry Styles to new material.

Tell us a bit about the writing process behind your track ‘Sister’ 

John: Well I went out with a twin girl and that’s how it all came about. We were just playing some music and then we went from there. It just kinda came together really. We got a tambourine out…

James: It took about one take to get the song to really fit because we tried to find the correct chorus.

Do you think it translates well live? 

John: Yeah well we haven’t played it in a while but we’re playing it tonight. I don’t know why we haven’t played it in a while.

Sam: We’ve had better songs we wanted to try out.


Are you putting more music out soon then? 

John: Well we’re going to record very soon.

James: We’ve got two or three new songs that we’re not playing tonight that we’re saving.

If you could add anyone to the band, dead or alive, who would you  


(All of the band buzz with excitement at this question)

John: There’s a lot of people I’d like but they would all replace me. Oh I need to think…the keyboard player out of ‘School of Rock’. Yeah that’s who I’d get to join the band.

James: That’s a good shout

Sam: Hendrix can take my place any day.

Todd: I might be replaced by the drummer of Royal Blood. He’s insane.

John: Christina Aguilera on backing vocals, that would be good.

James: Maybe with Beyonce’s back-up dancers as well.

What’s your ambition for the band, sum it up in one sentence.

Sam: Biggest and best

John: Of all time. Ever

RR: One band said their’s was to slap Harry Styles around the face and get away with it.

John: No, he’ll probably join our band though

Sam: Ain’t nothing wrong with Harry Styles

Todd: I love him

John: He’s alright, I don’t mind Harry.


Do you think it’s easier to be in a band now than ten years ago?  

Especially with digital streaming services? 

Sam: I was 11

John: It’s good because you can branch out but there’s so much content you’re competing with so many more people. Whereas if we were doing what we’re doing now, gigging everywhere then I don’t know if it would be different.

James: We’re not just competing with the people of London, we’re

competing with everyone

John: Every band, yeah. It can be hard to work your way in.

In terms of the next six months what have you got on the cards?

John: We’re recording soon

Sam: We’re in pre-production now with our new tracks

John: It’s sounding pretty good

Todd: And then we’re touring and we’ve got a music video in the pipeline

James: We’re doing festivals in the summer too and as many shows as we can

Any festivals in particular? 

John: We’ve got Sound City already

James: Tramlines, Isle of Wight

RR: We’ll be there too

John: Ah, see you there!


Last question, are there any new bands you’ve got your eye on at the moment? 

John: Rita Ora

Us: No you can’t have her, got to be new

John: Himalayas were good

Sam: Yeah they were very good

John: Yeah put them in your blog thing…

James: Red House Glory, we liked them too

John: Yeah they’re really cool, we like those.

Us: Thank you for the interview guys.

John: Thank you so much, we’ll see you soon.



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