Clay – Stay Calm!: Single Review

In an oh-so saturated market of indie-pop, for a band to even be recognized, let alone succeed, requires something unique. Leeds outfit ‘Clay’ have seemingly got it right (and not for the first time) with latest single ‘Stay Calm!’. The irony of the song title to the actual purpose of the song is evident, with lead singer Joe Harvey’s more than catchy lyrics plastered over a powerful synth and guitar backdrop that cannot fail to excite listeners.

In just over a month, the track has already hit 10k+ listeners on soundcloud, which is no mean feat for a band that has just cut ties with its management, earning the respect of many with that decision. After a successful run out nationwide dates in April, Clay are easily one of the hottest properties around at the moment, and their ascendancy to the top must only be an inevitability if more material like ‘Stay Calm!’ and previous singles ‘Sun Dance’ and ‘Oxygen’ is on the horizon.

We have a sneaking suspicion these guys will be heading down South soon, so ensure you don’t miss them on their next run of dates, and make sure you check out ‘Stay Calm!’ below:

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