Howland – Callout: Single Review

April 1st saw the release of a long awaited debut single, after a year to remember, Brighton/Southampton indie rockers Howland premiered ‘Callout’ on all platforms.

It would be cliche’ (if not extremely apt) to compare the 4 piece to the likes of genre leaders Catfish and The Bottlemen, draw the parallels in sound between Howland and early Strokes work, or even mention the fact that these guys have performed with the likes of Fickle Friends, Clean Cut Kid, Little Comets and more in just the last 12 months. But nonetheless, Howland have slowly been making waves since their formation in early 2015.

‘Callout’ illustrates the developments made in the bands sound, with lyrical wit such as ‘We put things on the back-burner, and I can’t take the heat’, layered on complex guitar licks and a heavy vibrating bassline.

Although its still early days for Howland, their debut tour in support of the single began with a packed room in hometown Brighton, and if they keep continuing to release music as positively catchy as their debut they’re sure to have those who are merely looking at them from afar at the moment, clambering over barbed wire fences in an attempt to catch a closer glimpse.

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