Me + You – Silent Crowd: Single Review

Its not a rarity that any emerging bands get channeled into sub-genres, or that anybody who isn’t anybody will always compare the up and coming acts to big name artists, thus defining the sub-genre blah blah blah. Silent Crowd however, a 4 piece from outer south-east London, have earnt the 1975 and Two Door Cinema Club comparisons that are getting banded about.

New single ‘Me & You’ whole-heartedly embodies these comparisons, and rather than argue, or scuffle with them, embraces the similarities. Paralleling first album Two Door (which is as I said, thoroughly embraced with a cover of ‘Undercover Martyn even sneaking into their live set) or very early 1975 (Back when they were called ‘Drive Like I Do) ‘Me + You’ utilises light synths, catchy guitar and singalong lyrics. In a world full of negativity and moaning within music, Silent Crowd are perhaps one of the most lighthearted sounding acts around, and its truly refreshing.

Make sure you catch these guys at Club CloseUp on June 24th to hear new track ‘Me + You’ and more from their impressive back catalogue.

Details of June Club CloseUp –

Only Shadows

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