Arc Isla – The Basement: Single Review

The midlands is often seen as a hub for new emerging indie talent. Birmingham especially has seen the likes of Swim Deep, Peace, JAWS and more lead the way nationwide, but lets not forget about the rest of the midlands. Nottingham is a tour staple for so many acts, but what is coming out of there now I hear you ask? Arc Isla, thats who.

The 4-piece haven’t been around long, but have been gently making waves in their hometown and elsewhere since their formation in 2015 . Latest venture, single ‘The Basement’ is their finest work to date, and embodies the sound they are seemingly aiming for. Powerful vocals, ambient harmonies and upbeat guitars intertwine, resulting in a catchy, summery, indie-pop, feel good (running out of cliche’s, but you get the picture) track that you simply have to spend 3 minutes and 32 seconds on checking out.



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