Plaza – Blood Orange: Single Review

The north is always seen as a musical powerhouse, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield and more consistently offer bands that go on to become some of the biggest acts nationwide and further. However, an offering from Newcastle may well be asserting themselves as something special.

Plaza have been quietly making waves for a while, but the release of past single ‘Totem’, and now current single ‘Blood Orange’, has made those waves a little more tsunami-esque. Playlisted by Spotify on more than a couple of their biggest indie/rock lists, they are now not sure of suitors (after racking up some impressive Soundcloud numbers too). Blood Orange demonstrates the Plaza sound perfectly, distorted guitars, poignant lyrics and breakdowns that will no doubt be crazy live.

So keep a look out, the guys are in the studio now and likely cooking up another masterpiece. Thats right. Masterpiece. So listen to Blood Orange below, and twiddle your thumbs whilst waiting for the imminent new material.


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