The Academic – Mixtape 2003: Single Review

he Academic have been on my radar for a while ever since I heard their debut single Different. I loved their feel-good blend of indie pop, and now they’re back with their latest offering called Mixtape 2003.

In my opinion this track possesses more muscle and confidence then their previous releases: Northern Boy and Different. Similarly, like its predecessors it is definitely anthemic but doesn’t exactly have an overwhelming sound as its actually quite controlled with tempo and atmosphere rising and falling throughout. What is evidently clear from their songs so far is that they are a very emotive band.

The song revolves around a jangly indie pop riff and just occasionally flirts with garage rock sounding guitars but only briefly in the chorus. Having said they seem to let go a bit from their previous releases whilst still remaining relatively tight and clean the guitars make a bit more noise and induce a bit more excitement.  

The tone and subject of the song fits with their overall aesthetic as Irish boys from next door. This song finds Fitzgerald singing “you and my mixtape, me and my mistakes never gonna change the way I feel”.  The lyric demonstrates Fitzgerald’s ability to portray youthful romantic endeavours with a catchy ease, as well as an eye for a cool and quirky reference. What we also get from the song that is typical of The Academic is the really catchy kick up into the chorus and the infectious melody complimented by the coy delivery of Fitzgerald.

The Academic are currently on a European Tour with dates in Manchester, London and Paris before returning home to Ireland. I would particularly recommend this song and the band in general to fans of Kodaline, and The Undertones, although obviously their appeal stretches beyond those fans.

Words by Jules Pestano

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