JUDAS – Call Me: Single Review

JUDAS have been making a name for themselves nationwide for they’re stunning live performances and trademark indie-rock. They are back in London on November 3rd for Club CloseUp, and will no doubt performing their now well known back catalogue from their debut EP. Single ‘Call Me’ embodies what this 4 piece are about, and why everybody is talking about them.

The song without warning bursts into life with shimmering atmosphere dominated by a psych-rock riff. The simplified yet punctual lyrics that accompany give it an awesome atmosphere. The song then continues to flow between a short and surly chorus with minimalist instrumental and an urgent anthemic chorus heightening the sense of excitement and withdrawal from a listener’s perspective. The thing that makes the track for me is the haunting backing vocals that float throughout the track and the combination and difference between indie rock quick-fire riffs and sparser pyshc-rock.

Building an entirely organic fan-base in the most organic way, just getting themselves out there all across the country, has seemed to have worked wonders for JUDAS, who’ll no doubt end the year on a high.

Judas are hitting Club CloseUp (w/ @Jagermeister) on November 3rd with PLAZA and The Bulletproof Bomb, don’t miss out on what should be an amazing show.

Words by @JulesPestano

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