Jerry Williams – Let’s Just Forget It: Single Review

Coming as the title track of her latest EP, Let’s Just Forget It is an intriguing West Coast crooner from talented up and coming singer-songwriter Jerry Williams.

The track has strong distinctive elements of surf rock and the west coast rock. Its lilting but suave, cool yet vulnerable. The vocals are laconically teasing and seem to stroke the lyrics as they pass through delivered with definite attitude and capped off with a sneer, on occasion. The instrumental has a slight, shimmering, raunch to it, giving it an Americana feel and sassy drama, but it picks up after two minutes to morph into a classic rock riff then moves into a Smiths-esque jangle rock alternative. As the rock riff from the guitars rises so does the drama of this alluring tale.

The vocals manage to blend a melodic fragility and a huskier laconic style which finds it fighting off tags such as Lana Del Ray and Black Honey. It’s reflective and its lyrical narrative is effortless and poetic. She just like the two artists I just compared her to she can drop into a higher dreamier vocal along which along with the shimmering jangly guitars make it almost ethereal and psychedelic in parts.

This song is a signal of both Jerry Williams’ intent and the fact that she is maturing as a songwriter. This is a change in style from most of her earlier releases but shows a maturity and development as a songwriter. She can only get better and I can’t wait to hear what she does next. For fans of Black Honey and Lana Del Ray.  

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