Childcare – Film Club: Single Review

London based four piece CHILDCARE are an exciting prospect, a fairly new band on the circuit that are making quite an impression with their blend of offbeat rhythms and punk influences that’s grounded in alternative rock. The latest single is ‘Film Club’.

The single has a strong funky rhythm with an upbeat tempo urging the song along. The song seems to be a fusion of flickering baselines and precise but dramatic guitar riffs. The markedly laid back vocals help to give the track an almost boogie-esque quality. Its melting point of baselines, riffs and thudding drums back it thoroughly difficult not to dance to. It’s clear there are many influences shaping the track and indeed the band with funk guitar riffs and guitars being offset by a very 80s style chorus melody and in parts there are MC style vocals. The baselines find themselves as the counterpoint of the melody throughout – adding a deeper undercurrent to the song.

With such a variation of sounds and styles, there’s bound to be something in this track and the band for everyone to enjoy, make sure you look out for their next run of dates. Check out the single streaming on The Hyve, below: 

Words By: Jules Pestano

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