New Carnival – Where Do You Wanna Go: Single Review

Jangly Indie Rock four piece New Carnival, show through their track ‘Where Do You Wanna Go’ that they can provide a sense of fun and the party atmosphere that their name suggests.

The overriding atmosphere and dynamic of the track is of eighties indie akin to the Smiths but with a funky disco infused twist. Its ridiculously dance worthy and catchy, but with guitar rock sensibilities. The pictures and imagery conjured up by this irresistible blend of sounds and styles is one of a confident man sauntering down the street.

It’s a genuinely fun record that just brings joy – its seems natural and seems although this could have come from friends jamming. Offsetting this are deep vocals acting that act as a groovy counterbalance to the uptempo and upbeat melodies.

Aside from the main hooks – little groovy riffs break out left right and centre adding to the abundant sense of fun and freedom on the track. The infectious nature of the chorus makes the verses a countdown to the next installment of the dancefloor fuel. The track possesses bags full of swagger and attitude without sounding arrogant or pretentious.

Check out the track below:

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