The Orielles – Jobin: Single Review

The Orielles are a really compelling band. Their brand of garage pysch rock feels new and different despite and an obvious channeling and penchant for past influences. Their latest track ‘Jobin’ is equally as intriguing.

Beginning quite bombastically, the track is awash with noise and fuzz but with a strong feel of nostalgic feyness. It has a wistful style and narrative, complemented by a simple arrangement but is heavy and full of impact. There’s lovely considered jangly guitar riffs and laden with guitar effects.

Echoey and faint vocals glide over the fuzz as elements of both ends of the indie spectrum are evident.  The jangly guitars of C86 and the Pastels and the heavy fuzzy rock of bands like Sonic Youth.  

These influences and styles are also pushed through a psych lens warping a track with a strong indie heritage feel. The main guitar hook revolves around a catchy descending scale. The song is a constant offset between fuzzy grumble and lighter pyshcy jangle. Capped off with a soaring guitar riff at the end.


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