LIVE ARTIST PREVIEW: Idle Frets @ Camden Assembly

On the 21st November we’ll be bringing you Chester four-piece ‘Idle Frets’ to the Camden Assembly. If you’ve not yet heard of this band, you’re in for a treat.

Idle Frets can proudly say they are graduates of LIPA (aka the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts which was co-founded by the legendary Paul McCartney) and cite influences such as Thin Lizzy, Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks, and enjoy taking inspiration from indie-synth, electro-pop and funk and soul sounds to make them more than just another Indie band. Single ‘Always Comes Back to Me’, released earlier this year, has a fetching guitar based melody and captivating vocals that continue to evolve making it one of those songs you definitely want to get involved in when performed live.

More recently they’ve release ‘Talk About You’ which is a song they describe as being ‘about going through the motions of love’. Vocalist Ben Davies leads the song with his unique raspy voice on a bed of powerful guitars and funky bass lines. It’s everything you expect from an Indie hit and more, as it sucks you in with an impressive build and indestructible chorus. This will be another anthem to get on down to at their show.

Tickets to come see them at Camden Assembly are just £6 from DICE and available here

Words: Rosie Chadwick

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