CloseUp Top Tracks 2017: PART 2

As we all reflect on what 2017 has offered us, we bring you part two of our top tracks of the year. If you haven’t already, check part one here and don’t forget to tweet us your favourite tracks of 2017 to @CloseUpPromo!

I’m Okay – Glass Peaks

Glass Peaks AA live

Throwing it back to the summer of this year, Kent-based trio Glass Peaks unleashed the emotive and compelling ‘I’m Okay’, the follow on from ‘Speak and Spell’. This track is a fiery number that has an incredible build throughout with a combination of jangly and raucous guitars and effective harmonies that we can’t get enough of. 

Babe – Jerry Williams


This track was recorded in Jerry Willliams bedroom earlier in the year when she “was feeling a bit confused about some things in [her] life.” The result was the beautifully raw ‘Babe’, a darker song that focus’ on her passionate vocals accompanied simply by an acoustic guitar. It’s a gorgeous little number that really shows off Jerry’s talent. 

Something for your M.I.N.D – Superorganism


Superorganism are one of the more interesting bands to have emerged in 2017. They’re an eight-piece collective with members from London, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Their music is fresh and uplifting, and ‘Something for your M.I.N.D’ is an addictive and eccentric tune. The song was built entirely online and the accompanying video is just as captivating as the melody. 

Crucible – Bel Esprit

Bel Esprit New.jpg

Back in March, Bel Esprit released ‘Crucible’, a powerful, tender song that truly shows off their evolution in music with gritty vocals, building guitars, and a rousing, emotive chorus. It’s similar to that of early-noughties indie band Snow Patrol, a superb track from the Southampton quartet.

Othello – How’s Harry

422A1192 (1).jpg

Another strong indie anthem released this year is How’s Harry’s ‘Othello’. Packed full of punch with indestructible guitars, funky synths and addictive chants, it’s an energetic and heavy track that flaunts their “dark pop” sound and the incredible talent that this lot has to offer.

Drink Alone – Kudu Blue

Kudu Blue

The second track from their debut EP ‘Shaded’, ‘Drink Alone’ is an infectious infusion of electronica and R’n’B from Kudu Blue that came about after front gal Clementine was working in a pub and didn’t feel like drinking during her shift to which her colleague said ‘Please don’t make me drink alone’. The premise of the song led to a unique track with a pulsating bass line and flickering melody carried by Clementine’s soaring vocals. We’re already looking forward to what they’ll bring us in 2018.

Words by: @RosieChad

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