FOURS – Sweet Reality (Single Review)

A favourite of the CloseUp family, feel-good London based pop band FOURS has graced us with brand new track ‘Sweet Reality’, their first release of 2018.

The single is a raw and passionate one whose first verse starts with a focus on lead singer Edith’s phenomenal vocals before the beat kicks in. It’s a bittersweet song with sophisticated words that tell the story of girl meets boy, only he doesn’t like her like she likes him, but she reckons they would have fun together. The song sings of ‘I only want to know if you like me like you could’, going on to encourage the boy to ‘switch on the focus on [his] sweet reality’, in a captivating chorus that you’ll be singing for days. It’s relatable and bold with a touch of vulnerability that comes through as the lyrics mention being ‘naive’ and ‘smashing through the walls’. It’s soft and gentle, as reflected in the melody that’s encompassed by FOURS infamous pop beats and guitar hooks that The 1975 would be proud of.

‘Sweet Reality’ follows on from ‘Overthink’ and ‘Tell Me In the Morning’ which were released towards the end of 2017, and shows a progression from the band that shies away from their early era music. They’ve been busy working hard on new songs and no doubt there will be more new ones heading our way this year.

FOURS will be performing at the CloseUp Festival on the 12th May, so make sure to grab a ticket and come catch them live. Available to buy from DICE:


Words by: @RosieChad

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