Introducing: COURTS

Once upon a world, there was a time when bands were only defined by one type of genre and it was unheard of to stray far from this (and if they did, it was a shock to the music system). Fortunately, in 2018, the merging of genres is prolific and musicians are standing out from the crowd by creating pieces of art that see a combination of styles producing a new sound. It’s a hard task, but something that Basildon boys COURTS have hit the nail on the head with.

The five-piece draw inspiration from funk, hip-hop, grime, disco and rock to create their individual sound. Their songs are fast-paced and energetic, and have been likened to being Jamie T meets CHIC, and their live shows are just as upbeat, if not more so. ‘Feel My Love’, released in 2016, thrives on a disco beat, with spoken-word lyrics and a catchy indie-style chorus. The track was re-recorded for COURTS EP ‘Back of the Mind’ that came out last year which also contains the incredible ‘True Say’ that has an intro that Luther Vandross would be proud of, and continues further to be fueled with guitar funk and spirited synths alongside grime-style vocals. 

Sanatana’ – their most streamed song on Spotify is one of their earlier releases and gives similar namesake Carlos Santana a run for his money with impressive riffs that pump out the summer vibes. It’s safe to say that COURTS can’t simply be placed in one box with their ability to create such a hybrid genre as they continue to experiment and produce such incredible music.

Definitely ones to watch out for this year, we’re excited to have COURTS joining the CloseUp family especially when their fanbase includes legends Zane Low, Nile Rodgers and Sir Elton John…


Words by: @RosieChad

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