Youth Club – The Man That I Am (Single Review)

Southenders Youth Club have dropped their first release of 2018 and boy is it a banger! Encompassed with their well-known indie disco pop beats, ‘The Man That I Am’ is the follow-on song from the feel-good ‘Misunderstood’.

Since their debut in 2014, Youth Club have been working hard to share their music, creating a loyal and ever-growing fanbase that’s seen this release alone be played as far across the globe as Australia and New Zealand. In 2017 they finished with a sold-out show at London’s Thousand Island, delighting everyone with their fun and passionate vibes. Youth Club’s music is fresh and crisp and truly stands out from their musical neighbours making them one of the hottest independent bands.

In their own words, this latest track is “funky and sexy” with an unforgettable chorus that you’ll be at the mercy of from the moment you hit play. As the hook cites “got to keep on moving” you’ll find yourself irresistible to its charm and won’t be able to sit still as the rhythmic guitar takes over your body and mind. It’s definitely one for the festival circuit of the Summer and fits in perfectly with their collection of anthemic tracks already on their discography. 

The quartet are hitting the road in April and sees them playing Birmingham, Nottingham, London and their hometown of Southend. You can grab a ticket on See Tickets and DICE from £8. Trust us – if you like a good old indie knees-up, you won’t want to miss out. 


Words by: @RosieChad

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