If you’re on the lookout for some new music suggestions then we’ve rustled up a selection of artists worth checking out. If you’ve got any suggestions for our Artist Noise selection, tweet us at @CloseUpPromo!

The New Coast

In case you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that CloseUp Festival is coming to London Town next month. Amongst the line up of exceptional artists are east-London based lads The New Coast. They’re known for their distinct indie-pop sound that formed from a mutual love of American cinema and pop culture. Their music is mighty and infectious, and accentuates their talents, with the likes of ‘Home’ that has layered vocals set alongside a slow building guitar riff that meets an electro beat at the chorus , and then there’s ‘Sleeptalk’, which again starts on a mellow verse building to the release of an impressive chorus. Their music is formidable and we’re looking forward to what else they’ll be releasing in 2018. Don’t forget to catch them live at CloseUp Festival on the 12th May. Tickets are only £14.50 from DICE:



Friday the 13th may be considered unlucky for some but for MAUWE it marked the release of their hotly anticipated EP ‘The Art of Letting Go’. The duo consists of Portia and Jay who have known each other for years, but after a meeting in Bristol, vowed to jam and within weeks, MAUWE was born. The EP debuts the pair’s talented art of songwriting, singing and producing. It’s laced with succulent R’n’B melodies, and contagious electronica that combined, makes for incredible alternative pop music. MAUWE’s debut ‘That’s All’, which to date has had over 3 million streams on Spotify, blends strings alongside synths to create a curiously sweet sounding verse that’s followed on by a beat-dropping memorable statement of a chorus. It’s the few-months-down-the-line-post-break-up song you never knew you needed but can totally relate to. The follow-up single ‘Smoked a Pack’ is a deeper laid-back electro offering that’s an underrated pop sensation. Throughout the EP you’ll find a stylish cocktail of alternative pop where Jay’s vocals complement Portia’s perfectly. It’s slick and satisfying and is just the beginning of what this duo has to offer.


The Aces

Longtime friends, The Aces have been performing together since they were teens in their hometown of Provo, Utah. Their reputation spread like wildfire and were named as one of the top 10 bands in Utah ‘you should know’. It was the release of their indie-rock banger ‘Stuck’ that earned them that break out of Utah and gain worldwide recognition. The upbeat track has racked up over 5 million streams on Spotify with its tropical sound and jaunty guitar riffs. The follow-up release ‘Physical’, which they described as the darker sister to ‘Stuck’, is another pulsating enjoyable pop anthem that sings of the adventures of having a physical relationship as a single young adult. 

The quartet have worked hard in developing a unique indie-rock meets 80s-new-wave sound and most recently dropped their debut album ‘When My Heart Felt Volcanic’ that contains lively, captivating and relatable tracks such as ‘Holiday’, ‘Fake Nice’ and ‘Lovin’ is Bible’, not forgetting the more somber offering of ‘Hurricane’ that shows off lead singer Cristal’s vocals nicely. Keep an ear out for their return to the UK as these are not a band to miss out on.

Words by @RosieChad 

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