On the 24th July you better head on down to Camden Assembly where the sublime No Hot Ashes will be headlining their biggest London show to date and we guarantee you’re in for a riot (of the good kind).

If you’re not familiar with No Hot Ashes, they’re a four-piece from Stockport who CLASH magazine describes as ‘the poster boys for the new age’ as their lyrics touch on everyday subjects that we can relate to.

The band share a mutual love for 70s and 80s disco and funk, expressing inspiration from James Brown, CHIC and Nile Rogers throughout their music that combines the genres along with a post-pop, indie feel. Lead vocalist Isaac’s husky vocals lend themselves perfectly to their unique sound, backed up by tight indie guitar riffs and robust percussions. as present in the likes of ‘Skint Kids Disco’, ‘Bellyaches’ and the funk-fuelled ‘Bad Crowd’.

No Hot Ashes released their three-track EP earlier this year, and are currently touring this Summer including several festival appearances. They’re certainly one to watch and a band that will be hard to stay still when watching, so what are you waiting for? Tickets are available on Gigs and Tours from £9:

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