Artist Noise is back with some new artists we hope you’ll enjoy. Add them to your music playlists and let us know what you think. If you’ve got any suggestions for our Artist Noise selection, make sure to tweet us at @CloseUpPromo.



If you’ve yet to cross paths with Off Bloom, then get ready for a treat on the ears. The Danish trio creates slick electro-pop with hip-hop and experimental connotations. They formed in 2015 and thrive on creating music they themselves enjoy, resulting in a gratifying live show in which the whole band express their passion to those watching, with lead singer Mette showing off her dance moves and getting into the crowd where she can, whilst producers Alexander and Mads bring the stage alive. Earlier release ‘Love to Hate It’ has had over 3+ million streams on Spotify and is still a firm favourite amongst fans, closely followed by the psychedelic ‘Falcon Eye’. They continue to push the boundaries on their songwriting and producing with their more recent releases like the ballsy ‘rockefe11a (f**k that to be honest)‘ and the fiery ‘Not Sorry’. Next time they’re in town, make sure to grab a ticket as these guys are heading for the top.



If you consider yourself an indie lover and enjoy the likes of Youth Club, Blossoms, and Marsicans then we have the perfect band for you. Formed in 2011, Eliza and the Bear started out as a hobby, a bunch of mates who loved making music but only for fun, before developing into a hotly tipped band on the scene whose songs not only been performed on the airwaves but synced everywhere from Sky Movies to the BBC’s Olympic coverage. So if you think they sound familiar that may be why. 2016 saw the release of their debut self-titled album, 11 tracks of glorious indie hits with choruses that you’ll be singing for days in the likes of the uplifting ‘Light It Up’ and the electric ‘Friends’ with its energetic piano and contagious rhythms. 

This year’s single ‘Real Friends’ is a Summer anthem waiting to be enjoyed at festivals along with their most recent release, the more sombre ‘First Aid‘ with both tracks showing a progression in the bands sound, having come a long way since their first release. The band do lack an Eliza and some actual bears, and that’s because their name is taken from a collection of poems by Eleanor Rees that inspired them. Both unique in name and sound, this is a band who will brighten your day and have you dancing all night. Make sure to catch them on their upcoming tour where they’ll be headlining Komedia in Brighton and Heartbreakers Bar in Southampton. Tickets £8 from MusicGlue:


From the city that brought us one of the world’s most famous bands is the next up and comers with their guitars and an addictive discography in tow. Liverpool’s The Cheap Thrills have been on the scene since 2010, making a name for themselves across the nation as they make appearances at festivals such as Standon Calling. They thrive off a live show, and it’s no surprise when you have songs as contagious as theirs fuelled by funky bass lines and indie-rock guitars. A lot of energy and passion is packed into The Cheap Thrills’ music and you’ll find yourself unable to sit still as you enjoy the sounds of ‘Sentimentality’, ‘Machine’ and ‘Codependence’. Last month they dropped the phenomenal ‘Accident Prone’ on us which was backed by Radio X. We’re looking forward to many more live shows and new music from these guys. 

Words by @RosieChad

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