How’s Harry – Skeleton (Single Review)

Just a few days after Halloween, those loveable dark pop connoisseurs How’s Harry unleash unto the world ‘Skeleton‘, the follow up to their Summer smash ‘Desire‘ and third single release of the year.


‘Skeleton’ has hooks galore, it’s deep, dark and euphoric, leaving you wanting more. It may contain woeful lyrics such as loving you equates to pain” and “like a wasp got in my lungs and stung, let its venom circulate” however it maintains an upbeat pop rhythm all while carrying unique vocals and even creating an earworm out of the words ‘double glazed’. Not to mention there’s also a killer guitar riff (no pun intended) towards the end. The track is said to be their most adventurous single to date and is a great display of this bands ever impressive talent.

These lads have been working hard crafting an art that is unlike any other on the scene. They have a dedicated fanbase and are gaining support left, right and centre. They’re making sure to cement their name in the industry. They’ll be heading out on tour with Youth Club this month before headlining CloseUp x tmrw Vol IV at thousand island, London on the 14th December to round the year off. Get your tickets now from DICE for just £8:

Words by @RosieChad

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