CloseUp Top Tracks of 2018: Part 1

It’s been an incredible year for CloseUp and all our artists, and we couldn’t let it end without taking a look back at some of the sensational releases they have graced us with in 2018. Tweet us with your fav CloseUp Top Track to @CloseUpPromo

Youth by Only Sun

Probably the most ambitious of the lot were Only Sun who had a 12-month campaign to release a song on the 1st of each month. Starting out at the beginning of the year with ‘So It Goes‘ and ending with ‘NHS70‘, creating an array of upbeat indie tracks for us to enjoy. ‘Youth’ was released in the Summertime and radiates festival vibes with an unforgettable chorus and catchy chants. The song’s lyrics sing of growing up and adulthood and became the relatable summer anthem we couldn’t stop singing. 

The Man That I am by Youth Club

Released back in February, Youth Club‘s ‘The Man That I Am’ will stand the test of time as an enjoyable banger that encompassed Youth Club’s well known feel-good indie-disco-pop vibes. This song is full of funk and passion and from disc to the stage makes for an incredible live performance as the band continued to entertain the nation with their sets. Take a look at our full single review here.  

Something Like Heaven by Birthday Card

Our most recent addition to the CloseUp roster, Birthday Card have had an unforgettable year making their way through the crowds. ‘Something Like Heaven’ was their latest release in 2018 and showed off the bands snappy synths and dreamy guitar riffs topped off with smooth vocals. Birthday Card have a way of bringing that popular sound of the eighties into the 21st century and if 2018 releases ‘Something Like Heaven’ and ‘Berlin‘ are anything to go by, we can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring. 

Skeleton by How’s Harry

How’s Harry‘s autumnal release ‘Skeleton’ was deep, dark and euphoric and the perfect follow up to their previous release of the year ‘Othello‘ and ‘Totem‘. With its contagious hooks and righteous rhythms, Skeleton was quite the ear-worm and showed strength and power from a band who continue to rise up the scene. You can check out our full track review here.

Let It Go by Franko Fraize

Franko‘s smash, ‘Let It Go’ has earned him over 46k streams on Spotify since its release back in the Summer. With his captivating lyrics, ‘Let It Go’ is a fast-paced, favourable song that takes elements from hip-hop, garage and grime to deliver something truly unique. The song features on his EP ‘Lights and Colour‘ that he gifted us later in the year and flaunts Franko’s unbelievable talent and skills.

CloseUp Top Ten Tracks of 2018: Part 2

Words by @RosieChad

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