CloseUp Top Tracks of 2018: Part 2

CloseUp Top Ten Tracks of 2018: Part 1

Humble by Arcade Hearts

Four-piece Arcade Hearts have done it again. ‘Humble’ which was released back in Summer and was on their simply-titled ‘EP‘ is an exuberant song filled with sparkling synths and buoyant guitar riffs that will have your feet burning holes in the dance floor. It’s vibrant and upbeat, and everything that Arcade Hearts are proud of. 

Who You Are by SPINN

A shimmering sensation, ‘Who You Are’ was released by SPINN in April of this year. Featured on their EP that came out not long after, the band told Dork that it’s a “love letter to all the posers of the world” describing how “everyone is a poser in their own way, like it or not at one point or another we’ve all pretended to be something we’re not.” The guitars jangle and the vocals echo out making it a very fetching song. 

(Don’t) Ask Me To Dance by Glass Peaks

Another release from earlier in the year, (Don’t) Ask Me To Dance was Glass Peaks track of 2018. A sombre indie track with rigorous riffs, gritty vocals and powerful builds that enrapture your soul. We already can’t wait for the follow up from these euphoric lords.

Blindsided by The New Coast

Coming in with over 77k streams on Spotify, ‘Blindsided’ was The New Coast‘s only release for 2018 as they work hard on creating new music. The band are known for their passion of creating music that has a cinematic feel to it, and this is an upbeat indie-pop hit that will sit perfectly with a coming of an age teen comedy. It’s enjoyable, bouncy and fun and one we’ve had on repeat throughout the year. 


In September of 2018 SHANGHAI BLUES graced us with ‘Lies’, a song about a bad relationship. With a chorus singing ‘I left your heart on the bedroom floor‘, it’s a deep and emotional song, powered by chiming guitar riffs and heavy drum beats and is a song we’re sure many of us can find comfort in. 

A big shout out to all of CloseUp’s artists this year and all their incredible hard work. From all of us here at CloseUp, here’s to a bigger and better and even more exciting 2019!

Words by @RosieChad

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