::Booking Agency - Mona Vale

Electronica-duo Mona Vale, the brainchild of London based songwriter, producer and multi instrumentalist Jamie Hoddle, are one of the latest acts to join the CloseUp Booking Agency. Now signed to notorious electronic tastemaker label Eton Messy, it’s been a whirlwind start to 2021.

With support from Annie Mac, Jaguar Danny Howard on BBC Radio 1, Mona Vale‘s EP opener ‘SOLIS’ has received widespread support and added to their back catalogue thats garnered over 750,000 streams on Spotify alone. They’ve supported the likes of EKKAH (Sold Out), The New Coast (Sold Out), The Tea Street Band (Sold Out) & more in just a few short months, with 2021 set to be the return of their ever captivating live performance.

With Caribouesque production mixed in with Bon Iver inspired vocals, it’s very exciting times indeed for the London based outfit. Past singles include ‘Not Given Up’, ‘Don’t Turn This Around On Me’ and ‘Light Bullet’.
Tinman wrote :: ‘an eclectic sound-pallete that resembles the type of originality that we’ve heard from artists like Bon Iver and James Blake.’
Gems & Secrets wrote :: ‘a beautiful progressive/melodic sound that we can’t get enough of.’
Clash wrote :: ‘Each new release from the London producer expands the palette, while refining that pursuit of greatness.’
CONTACT :: jordan@closeuppromo.com