::Booking Agency - Syren

TW!STED L!FE! TW!STED K!D! LDN hip-hop soloist Syren has emerged from the underground to take the music scene by storm. Influenced by everything from hip hop to dark rock, Syren’s versatility is unquestionable, taking his cues from influences ranging from Future to Blink 182. He’s undeniably hitting the ground running, w/ his debut LDN headline show at O2 Islington 2 (the same venue as heavily cited reference, Lil Peep performed his debut LDN show) on course to sell out, and see the live launch of the project already backed by Spotify w/ a ‘This Is Syren‘ playlist & more.

Expect more music, more live shows, and a truly breakout 2021 for Syren.
CLOUT wrote :: ‘If it’s the forward-thinking, futuristic sounds and concepts, or the immersive and engaging beats and flows that the artist works with, one thing that Syren can’t be accused of is lacking creativity’
HYPE MAGAZINE wrote :: ‘his style is always evolving and changing’